Dec 19, 2011

Crafting at Work; Part 2

Embroidery Thread Wrapped Headphones

I saw this cool craft all over Pinterest, but none of the photos had a tutorial. So I figured it out for you! You're welcome...

The best part-- your cords won't tangle anymore!!!

You'll need:
Your headphones
16 yards TOTAL of embroidery floss. (8 yards for the top 2 strands, and 8 yards for the bottom)
This link on how to do the Chinese Staircase Knot that wraps the cord:: 
PATIENCE-- This took me 4 hours

*Start by tying your thread at the top of your headphone.(#2)

*Then begin the wrapping technique found in the link. It's super, super easy. Don't make this harder than it is ;) (#3 and #4)

* Keep on wrapping until you cover the entire cord. Tie off with a double knot at the end.

Advice...when people ask how you did it, send them here so they can do it themselves. I got suckered into doing another for a co-worker for a grand total of 8 hours of wrapping cord!

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